What we do

12PointCare provides local NHS GP Practices with the ability to pool resources  and work in partnership with other NHS and provider organisations to  effectively and locally deliver innovative, integrated, accessible high quality  services to our residents.

12PointCare organises educational events for clinicians and administrative staff,  as well as encouraging and facilitating sharing of resources and best practice by  our members.

Principle Objectives of 12 Point Care

  • To ensure patients receive high quality accessible primary care services
  • To improve integration across the local healthcare community
  • To be able to compete with private providers
  • To develop the workforce and nurture the skills of new GPs
  • To maximise training and education opportunities
  • To maintain viable local GP services
  • To stimulate and support clinical leadership and innovation

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What we do

  • delivering quality healthcare
  • health services delivered by your local NHS GP practices
  • recruiting excellent clinical staff
  • sharing best practice