Sollershott Surgery – GP Training Practice

We are proud to announce that Sollershott Surgery in Letchworth has gained approval as a Training Practice in July 2019.

This allows the surgery to host qualified doctors, known as GP Registrars, and support them in completing the final stages of their GP Training before they embark on fully independent practice.

We believe that achieving and maintaining training practice status enhances the quality of the medical care that we provide at Sollershott Surgery. It also enables patients to see a wider range of clinicians whilst allowing the surgery to benefit from the fresh ideas and approaches brought by young enthusiastic doctors.

Patients can, of course, still elect to see their chosen regular doctor but sometimes this may require them to plan their appointment.

On occasion, patients may be invited to give their consent for the GP Registrar to video the consultation. This is a valuable tool helping the doctor to improve his/her consulting skills. The tapes once viewed by the trainer will be deleted.

Our GP Trainer at Sollershott Surgery is Dr Agnieszka Rzadzinska-Prosser (also Lead GP at Sollershott Surgery).